Everything is going to be okay

Life, it can pack up a punch sometimes, right? You wake up with determination and before you know it the day runs you over and you’re just trying to stay on your feet.

–> You might be holding some lottery tickets that didn’t pan out.
–> You might be fighting with loved ones or friends.RTC 252
–> You might have had the best of intentions to stay positive but the day ran you over.
–> You might be struggling to find the sun through the clouds.
–> You might be dealing with sickness.
–> You might be working at the worst job ever.

You’re facing something hard right now, I know it.

But listen to me, every little thing is going to be okay. It might not all come together today, tomorrow or this week but it will all be okay.

Just breath.
It will all be okay.

A free trip…YES PLEASE!!

Free Trip

A free trip…umm YES PLEASE!!!

My amazing coach, Amy Allen, is taking the top coaches from her team on a trip to Destin, Florida in February and I get to go!!!!!

I have the BEST JOB EVER!!
–> Helping people change their lives
–> Helping my family financially.
–> Going on free trips! (This will be the 2nd free trip I go on in 2016)

Do I say this to brag? NOPE.

I share this because if I can do it, so can you!

Where do you want to take your life in 2016?

If you want to be getting out of debt, starting your own fitness journey and helping people with theirs while chasing your dreams…I can help you!

I am adding 10 new coaches to my team in January and if you’d like to be considered…

Workout Wednesday: Live Shaun T. Workout

Workout Wednesday!!

While I was in Nashville I had the privilege of working out with Shaun T. Before we got started he talked about not just going through the movements of exercise but really focusing on something while you’re doing it.

My focus: to be strong, even when I don’t feel strong. 

Watch Shaun T. and ask yourself, what is my focus?

Are you just going through the moves or are you focusing on your goals and inner strength?

Join one of my challenge groups here: https://coachashleyjoy.wufoo.com/forms/i-am-interested-in-joining-the-group/


Day 16

Your body is an amazing thing and you need to respect it by feeding it healthy food, taking care of it with exercise and loving it where it is today. Even if you’re not at your goal you need to love your body for all that it is today. Your body is doing amazing things for you as you work towards your goals.

Workout Wednesday: Cize

Let me start by saying that:
–> I am not a dancer
–> I didn’t think I would like this workout
–> Sharing this is completely out of my comfort zone.

What I learned after 30 minutes:
–> Having fun is the best way to sweat!
–> Workouts with kids are fun…check out my photo bomber!
–> If I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!
–> Dance like no one is watching and Cize the day!

Seriously, this 30 minute workout rocked! It went by so fast, it got me so sweaty and it was fun!

This is a brand new fitness program by Shaun T. called Cize. If you are looking for a FUN new workout, this is it! Do you want to #Cizeitup with me in September too?

Apply Here: https://coachashleyjoy.wufoo.com/forms/i-am-interested-in-joining-the-group/


The results are in!


These numbers might not mean anything to you personally but it represents a group of women coming together and working hard on their goals for 21 days.

Today I got the privilege of hearing everyone’s stories on how their life has changed in the last 21 days and here are just a few of them:

“10 inches and 10 lbs!!! I am so amazingly confident! I’m ready for the next round!!!”

“12.6 lbs in 3 weeks!!!!!!
I know I can do this. I’m going to continue, not stop this week and next while waiting for the next challenge group to start.
I loved the challenge! The camaraderie, the accountability, the ideas…all of it.
My goal is to do the videos, not just walk. I am interested to see the loss and how I feel with it.
I have more energy and I feel better. I look forward to figuring out how to incorporate this when I go back to work”

“This has been my second time around. I am at a weight not seen in 16 years! I was stuck on my own, shakeology and the plan made it possible for me to get passed it. Even when I slip, and I am human, it is easy to fall back since it’s become a preferred lifestye.”

If you’d like to join my next challenge: https://coachashleyjoy.wufoo.com/forms/i-am-interested-in-joining-the-group/

Get up and WORKOUT!!


Get up and workout before your brain realizes what you’re doing!

–> You’ll have more energy all day!
–> If you wait until later in the day you might skip it.
–> Its easier to fight excuses early because they’re still half asleep!
–> It’s one less thing on your to do list for the day.
–> You have a fresh coffee buzz, use it! 

Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening?

Workout Wednesday: Leg Day

RTC 174

Workout Wednesday: LEG DAY!

The legs are HUGE calorie burning muscles and building up muscle in them will help your body burn fat when you are at rest. Don’t be afraid to pick up a set of weights and squat! They will not make you bulky. Lifting weights will just help you have toned legs to show off in shorts this summer!

I did this leg workout yesterday and it was AMAZING! I have a love/hate relationship with training my legs. I love the results that using weights brings but let’s just say that stairs, sitting on toilets and walking is all painful today. I like to be sore because I visualize the soreness as my muscles growing. It hurts so good!

If you want to try this all you need is a set of dumbbells. I used 15 pound weights but you could do this workout with light weights if you are a beginner. It took me about 30 minutes to go through all sets with short breaks in the middle to catch my breath.