Get up and WORKOUT!!


Get up and workout before your brain realizes what you’re doing!

–> You’ll have more energy all day!
–> If you wait until later in the day you might skip it.
–> Its easier to fight excuses early because they’re still half asleep!
–> It’s one less thing on your to do list for the day.
–> You have a fresh coffee buzz, use it! 

Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening?

Workout Wednesday: ARMS

RTC 181

Workout Wednesday: ARM DAY!

I love working my upper body and with summer around the corner, who doesn’t want amazing tank top arms!

I did this arm workout a few days ago and it was AMAZING! It was challenging but I felt strong and powerful at the same time.

If you want to try this all you need is a set of dumbbells. I used 15 pound weights but you could do this workout with light weights if you are a beginner. It took me about 20 minutes to go through all sets with short breaks in the middle.

Workout Wednesday: Leg Day

RTC 174

Workout Wednesday: LEG DAY!

The legs are HUGE calorie burning muscles and building up muscle in them will help your body burn fat when you are at rest. Don’t be afraid to pick up a set of weights and squat! They will not make you bulky. Lifting weights will just help you have toned legs to show off in shorts this summer!

I did this leg workout yesterday and it was AMAZING! I have a love/hate relationship with training my legs. I love the results that using weights brings but let’s just say that stairs, sitting on toilets and walking is all painful today. I like to be sore because I visualize the soreness as my muscles growing. It hurts so good!

If you want to try this all you need is a set of dumbbells. I used 15 pound weights but you could do this workout with light weights if you are a beginner. It took me about 30 minutes to go through all sets with short breaks in the middle to catch my breath.

My soul food.


Running is my soulmate workout. It’s the one exercise that makes my soul feel happy and refreshed. Running does more for my mind than it does for my body.

I haven’t been running because I’ve been focusing on other fitness goals but today my soul needed to run. My body didn’t want to push that dang BoB around but my mind was craving the magic that only running brings.

I set out on this run with a head full of worries, a weary soul and tired spirit. Within a few minutes the tears were flowing and I don’t even know what triggered it. It’s just something that happens on a run.

I wish I could say that the worries are gone and that I don’t feel weary anymore but I can say that I feel better now than I did before I started.

Tears today water the green grass of tomorrow.

Insanity Max:30

Insanity Max_30

What is Insanity Max:30?

NSANITY MAX:30 is the challenging new 30-minute, in-home workout program from Shaun T, creator of INSANITY and Focus T25. Shaun T has developed 150 new cardio and strength moves that will make you push harder and dig deeper than ever before to get the best body of your life in just 60 days.

INSANITY MAX:30 will be the hardest 30 minutes of the day and you need to be ready to MAX OUT. It’s not about “getting through” all 30 minutes, it’s about going as hard as possible, for as long as possible, until becoming “MAXED OUT” (i.e. until taking the first rest and/or breaking proper form). No equipment needed… just push to the MAX for INSANE results in just 60 days.

What can I expect?

First off, I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about this program.  INSANITY MAX:30 is a workout where you compete against yourself every single day.  You’re pushing yourself to your limits and seeing how far you can go.  The goal is to MAX out and go as long as you can without taking a break.  When you do take a break you record your time and try to push yourself a little further next time.  The workouts are intense but they’re shorter than most workouts.  You’ll get twice the sweat in half the time. Plus you only have to workout 5 days a week!  There is also a modifier in all the workouts and there is an option on the DVD to have the modifier shown onscreen at all times.  If you tried Insanity but want something with shorter workouts, this is for you!

Can you expect results?  YES!!!! You can expect to lose anywhere from 10-20lbs in the 60 day program! If you follow the workout calendar and nutrition guide, you will see results!  It’s that simple.  As your coach I will be by your side as you go through each workout.  I’ll make sure you’re accountable and motivated.  I’ll support you with your nutrition as well.


Who is this perfect for?

Anyone can do this workout because it’s You vs. You!!  You are going against yourself!

Anyone who did Insanity before and wants a new Shaun T. Workout.

Anyone who wants to max out with me

Anyone who wants a shorter but intense workout like Insanity.

Anyone who wants something new and wants to jump back into fitness.

How do I get started?

For starters, go to my site and create a FREE account which makes ME your Beachbody coach.  I will be hosting an EXCLUSIVE test group for anyone who would like the support, guidance, motivation and accountability to start and complete the program.

If you want to be part of the test group, submit the application below to be considered for a spot in the group. The group will be only a SELECT group of individuals with are READY TO COMMIT to 60 days of focus and intensity. I will be right there with you to help you navigate the workouts, the nutrition plan, to teach you how to plan your meals, to make it work for your life and most importantly, to keep you accountable.

The group is run through an online closed support group, which means no one but those participating in the group can see what is posted. I WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL! If you will invest in me, I will invest in you, your health, and your fitness. The only cost to you is the cost of the challenge pack which will include EVERYTHING you need to get started

What comes with Insanity Max:30


The base kit comes with 13 workouts, Nutrition to the MAX guide, MAX guide and the MAX Out wall calendar and a 30 day supply of Shakeology.  My coaching is always included too as well as 24/7 support from

Deluxe Kit

The deluxe kit comes with 16 workouts, core comfort mat, 7 portion control containers, Shakeology cup, body fat caliper, Nutrition to the MAX guide, MAX guide and the MAX Out wall calendar, 7 day ab maximizer,  NoTime To Cook Guide and a 30 day supply of Shakeology.  My coaching is always included too as well as 24/7 support from

Merry Fitmas!!


Would you like motivation and support with your fitness goals through the holiday season? I’m opening up a FREE Merry Fitmas group to help all my friends stay on track with their goals during the month of December.

If you want in the group, just add yourself below. We’ll be starting on 12/1 and it’s absolutely FREE! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in one of my accountability groups this is the perfect time to get in one for FREE!!

The average person gains 7-10lbs through this season and it’s my goal to make sure that you don’t have that happen. I think everyone can enjoy the treats of the season while still keeping their goals in mind. We’ll be working out hard, focusing on having 90% good nutrition and still allowing 10% for the yummy treats!


The importance of rest.


I’m the type of person that is either all in or all out when it comes to exercise.  When I’m all in, look out because I am unstoppable  but sometimes my unstoppable ways lead me to make unwise choices.   I am guilty of overtraining, skipping rest days and pushing myself too hard.  It’s taken a lot of setback but life has showed me the error of my ways and I’m learning to rest.  I’m still a work in progress and I have a lot still to learn but this is what I’ve learned so far:

My body needs at least one rest day a week and it took me a lot of injuries to actually figure this out.  This is now non-negotiable in my training and you should make sure you’re fitting in at least one rest day too. Your body needs at least one day so that the muscles of your body can repair, strengthen and rebuild.  The harder you push your body during the workouts the more important this rest day becomes.  Your body needs time to replenish your energy stores and recharge.  If your body isn’t getting a chance to rest and repair itself you’ll increase your chances of an injury.

I used to feel guilty when I took a rest day because I thought I would lose my motivation and have a hard time starting again.  But what actually happens is I lose my motivation when I push myself too hard and don’t rest.  I get burnt out and lose all my desire to workout when I push myself too hard.  It actually pushes me to that other side of me, the all out of exercise side. Getting burnt out is the easiest way for me to derail any progress I’m making.  Taking a rest day prevents that burnout and helps recharge me mentally for all my workouts.

If you’re feeling sick than it might be time to rest too.  I think you can exercise through some sickness and a general rule of thumb is if you have a fever or any symptoms below the neck (like hacking cough, chest congestion or an upset stomach) you need to rest.  Exercise puts strain on your body and if you’re fighting off an illness its just going to take you longer to recover from it.  If you feel like you need to exercise just try and do something easier like walking.

It’s also important to listen to your body and take rest days if you’re feeling pain.  Exercise will make you sore but that is different from pain. Pain is a small sign that your body gives you that you might be overdoing it.  Pain is the whisper that often gets ignored.  Pain can be a sign of an injury and it shouldn’t be ignored.  Take it from me, I’ve ignored pain and ran through it and it just ended up hurting me more in the long run.

Learning to rest  has been one of the hardest lesson for me to learn and if I’m honest, I’m no where near mastering it.  I’m better than I once was but I still tend to ignore signs my body gives me and push through more than I should but I’m trying to get better.  I still struggle with that guilt if I take an extra day or two of rest but I’m a few years ago I wouldn’t have rested at all.  While it’s not perfect, it’s still progress for me.

October…it’s here!!!


October, you’re finally here and I’m so thankful. This is the first year my kids will have a real fall. After 5 years in AZ (where fall is skipped) and 4 years in TX (where fall is soooo mild) they’ll actually get to experience all the amazing things this season brings.

I’m so excited to run through the trails, with the leaves changing. I can’t wait to hear my feet crunch along the leaves and just experience nature on my runs. I’m excited to run in the rain and the crisp air.  I’m excited to just lose myself in the moment and experience all that is amazing about Washington in the fall.

Fall is the kickoff to my favorite time of year. I’m so excited for all the things I get to experience with my family this year too. Leaves changing, chilly weather, lots of rain, football (Go Seahawks!!), pumpkin patches, Halloween and cuddling under blankets. I’m even traveling to Tennessee in two weeks and I hear the fall is beautiful there! I’m so excited for this new change and this new season.

What is your favorite season?

Life as a mother runner


My plan today was to run 4-6 glorious miles alone in the rain. Running is my soul food and I needed the release that it brings today.  I couldn’t wait to go to my favorite trail,  have some peace and just feed my soul.  However, my three year old, Austin, asked to go with me and today and I set my wants aside to spend time with him. Did I get to run as far or as fast as I wanted, no. But I did get to enjoy time alone with my favorite 3 year old, enjoy nature with him, talk as he rode next to me and take a few selfies. I wouldn’t trade these 2 miles for the 6 I had hoped for.  The moment we had was priceless.

As a runner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in my mileage and training.  I can get so focused on my pace/mileage and goals that I sometimes lose the joy that comes with running.  Today I was reminded that running doesn’t have to be far or fast to be awesome.  I need to have these low key runs in my schedule.

I think that’s the best part about being a mother runner, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  As a runner I know I can push myself and train hard.  But as a mother I know the importance of slowing down and enjoying the moment.  It’s about balance and finding what works for each day. I love wearing both of these hats and pulling the strengths from both of them to enrich my life, as well as those around me.

You might be a mother runner if…

If you’re a mother runner, you might be able to understand some of these.

1. You’ve pushed a stroller in a race and still managed to pass people.  It’s empowering and gratifying at the same time.  I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to push a running stroller but passing people while I push it makes me feel like a complete badass.

RTC 33


I once ran a 5k with all three kids and the route was poorly marked and ended up being 4.8 miles.  My oldest ran the first 3 miles and got tired so he hopped into my BoB and I pushed 3 kids through gravel for the rest of the race.  It was so very hard and I cursed the race organizers under my breath the entire time but I realized I’m a lot stronger than I thought.


2. Your kids are your biggest fans.  This has to be the best part about being a mother runner. I have 3 amazing cheerleaders and who encourage me when I’m running with them and cheer me on at races too.  When I saw them while running my marathon I cried my eyes out.  I was so emotional and seeing their smiling faces made me realize I couldn’t give up.  I wanted to be the amazing person they saw me as.

RTC 113

3. Your kids love racing just as much as you do.   They all love to run with me but running and getting a medal is HUGE for them.  We’ve run several races together as a family and I think it’s more fun to race with them than to race alone.

IMG_4348Can you see that pure joy?
zazoosh_990233132-1800My only wish is that there was a discount on race registrations when running as a family!  It gets pretty expensive to pay for 5 people!IMG_7913

4. You’ve dressed up as a runner for Halloween. It’s a good excuse to where your medal again and the bright clothes make being seen at night a lot easier.




5. Your kids take better running photos than you.  Doesn’t she just look like a natural?



6. Your kids regularly help you roll out your sore muscles after hard runs.  I battled an injury last year and my son was my go to helper when I was trying to get back into training and my muscles were tight and sore.

IMG_55117. You know that getting in your runs makes you a better mother and wife.  Whether you get in your runs pushing your kids in a stroller, on a treadmill while they play at your feet or alone on the road; each run is a blessing.  Running helps me stay sane, cope with the chaos of my life and helps me be an example to my kids.

On the rare time I get to run alone this is usually me as I head out the door!