My favorite love story <3

Everyone has a great love story but ours is my favorite ❤PicMonkey Collage

A couple days ago I celebrated a very special milestone with my husband. It was a day that, 15 years ago my life changed completely. I met my husband and I wasn’t looking for a relationship as I had recently had my heart broken. I was living alone in an apartment with my puppy Brinkley. I was working and doing my best to carry on with life.

On 1/2/2001 I was outside walking him and Dallas came home from work. I am very friendly so I said hello to him. He grumbled something to me and continued up to his apartment. He says he made it half way up the stairs before realizing he was rude and came back to say hello. We chatted for a few minutes and then I told him where I lived and said if he needed anything he could let me know, he said the same thing.

The next day there was a knock at my door and wouldn’t you know it would be Dallas. He invited me to a bible study and I didn’t go. I didn’t want to go somewhere with a guy I didn’t know. But he kept coming over and he slowly created a spot in my heart that I wasn’t prepared for.

Just 2.5 months after that first meeting we got married. It was insane, crazy and completely out of character for me. Everyone told me I was nuts (looking back I can see that they were 100% correct) and tried to talk me out of it. But I was stubborn and had my mind set on marrying this crazy dude I probably didn’t know so well.

In 15 years we’ve lived in 7 different homes, 2 different countries and 3 states. We’ve had 3 kids, lost family members, went through several deployments and had a rocky transition out of the Air Force.

There is no one that knows me and loves me more than Dallas. He gets me like no one else and loves me for my little quirks. He is patient and kind, he is funny and always makes me laugh. He believes in my dreams and is always supporting me.

There have been times we’ve both wanted to give up but we’ve fought hard to make it work. It hasn’t always been perfect, but it’s been perfect for us and none of it would have happened if we hadn’t met 15 years ago today.

Fear No Monday!


Monday has such a bad reputation. It’s the most hated day of the week. And this Monday, the first after a holiday…dreaded. No one wants to go back to work or school and face another week full of long days before another weekend.
Today I challenge you to flip your stance on Monday. Don’t fear Monday, embrace it. Monday is a chance to have a new start. Whatever happened last week is now behind you and there is a brand new week in front of you. Step into your routine with a smile instead of a grimace.
–> Change the way you look at Monday and maybe Monday won’t be so bad after all!
What are you doing today that is going to start your week off great?

Overcome the haters

RTC 28

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life and everyone around you turned into an instant critic or hater?

–> You start working on your health someone is trying to sabotage you with cheat meals or telling you that you look fine the way you are.
–> You start to save money and others around you are talking trash and giving you a hard time for not going out with them or buying stuff to keep up with them.
–> You set boundaries for your life and everyone you know is doing all they can to stomp all over them.

Haters: They’re everywhere.

Do you know why they start to attack you when you’re trying to make changes in your life? It’s because you’ve stepped outside the status quo and have become a huge mirror, reflecting the changes they might need to make but don’t want to. It’s easier to hate on you than change.

It might look like they’re resentful of you but the truth is they’re resentful of themselves.

Don’t let all of those haters tell you what’s possible for your life…let their hate fuel you and find out what you’re made of!

Overcome a setback


Have you ever felt like life is just dragging you down with one difficult situation after another and it seems impossible to imagine things getting any better?

This is me right now. In the last week, it feels like everything has started to fall apart. It’s been one setback after another and it’s starting to wear on me. The hardest part is keeping my mind positive through it all.

But, I know that out of setbacks come comebacks. If I’m going to make it through this I have to change my thinking. I’m just an arrow that’s been stretched back and I’m waiting for my launch. All I can do is focus, keep my eye on my target and wait! 

Keep the faith, great things come out of glorious disasters!

Enjoy the gift of today!

RTC 221

It’s easy to forget how precious life is when I’m going from one day to the next in constant chaos. I’m guilty of saying, “When all of my work is done, we can (insert some awesome family fun adventure).” or “If I could just get caught up with my chores, we can relax and be together”

But I’m losing days just waiting for the perfect moment to appear and for my “to do list” to magically disappear. The truth is, there is no perfect moment to enjoy life. I must simply embrace the chaos and enjoy each day. Walk away from the chores, turn off the phone and just be.

Do you know how hard this is for me? It doesn’t come naturally to me at all. But my kids are growing too quickly and if I’m not careful I’ll wake up one day and it will be over. It’s my goal to enjoy the gift of every chaotic day. Every day might not be perfect but there is perfect moments in each day.

Move forward but look back sometimes too.

RTC 220

I’ve heard it said so many times, don’t look back…you’re not going that way. I used to believe it too. But I’m learning that sometimes you have to look back so you can be reminded of how far you’ve come.

I have always been driven and determined when chasing my dreams. I set a vision and trudge forward, no matter what obstacle is put in my place. I have high expectations for myself and I am always my own worst critic.

I think these qualities are vital to my success but at times they can actually hurt me. My expectations of myself often push me so hard that I lose sight of how far I’ve come. I can only see how far I have still to go and it overwhelms me. 

Sometimes there are obstacles that aren’t easy to overcome. It’s in those moments that the doubt can creep in and I start to think I’ll never make it. Today, I’m not looking forward, I’m looking back and remembering all that I have overcome. I’m hoping it will remind me of my strength to overcome all of the obstacles in my future.

Never Miss a Monday!

It’s Monday and you know what that means?!? Time for my favorite workout rule…NEVER MISS A MONDAY!

It’s week 2 of Cize and the moves got a lot harder and I’m not quite as coordinated. No shame here, I had fun and got sweaty. That’s all that matters! I’m considering these my “before I learn to dance” videos. I figure I’ll have some amazing “I can move my ass” videos in a few more weeks

You can do this too: Apply Here

What do you see?


What do you see when you look in the mirror?

–> Are you seeing a distorted image of who you are?
–> Are you seeing only flaws and imperfections?
–> Are you comparing yourself to everyone?


Stop talking to yourself negatively.
Stop beating yourself up for not being a certain weight or size.
Stop being so hard on yourself.

Love yourself where you are today, even if you want to change. It’s impossible to reach new goals if you’re constantly berating yourself for who you are today.

Repeat after me: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL