Change can be hard but you can’t go places that your growth won’t take you. In life, you’re going to change. It’s inevitable.

I think it’s amazing that at any moment you can decide to change your life.

You can say, “I don’t like where this is taking me” and then you can change your path.

You can at any moment, decide to change your health, change your relationships, change your happiness and change your direction.

Your story is being written and you have the power to change how it ends!

RTC 163

Success Takes Sacrifice

RTC 173

I heard this a few days ago and I’ve been processing it for days. It’s one of those quotes that really hit me in the gut with it’s truth.


If you want to change your life sometimes that means sacrificing a part of it to grow.

This quote can apply to so many areas of my life right now.

Health: I want to be healthy for my kids and often feel overwhelmed that I don’t have time to workout. Sacrifice: I have to give up some time with them to take care of me and I can’t feel guilty about it.

Finances: I want to continue to build our savings account but I also want to buy a lot of things. Sacrifice: Letting the things I want go and focus on only the things we need.

Business: I want to grow my business and lead our family into financial freedom. Sacrifice: My leisure time. It’s not going to grow if I’m not doing anything with it.

I’m learning that success takes work, success takes time and success takes some sacrifices. Sacrifices might seem hard but they’re small things that lead to success. A sacrifice can be a short term loss for a long term gain and you need to have a strong vision that that sacrifice is leading you to success.

What sacrifices have you made that have lead you to success?

My story: Before and After

Transformation 3

I remember seeing this family photo after it was taken and cringing. I had a smile on my face but inside I wasn’t happy and I was thankful Phoebe’s head covered my stomach. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, resentful and unsure how to find the time to take care of myself. Before I had Austin I had been running but after having him I didn’t know how to juggle all the chaos.

Day after day I tried not to think about how unhappy I was but eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to do something different. When Austin was almost one I decided it was time for me to put myself back on my priority list. It was time for me to love myself enough to find the time to change. I didn’t take a before picture because I was unhappy with my body. Looking back now I wish I would have taken one so I could see how far I’ve come.

It’s been a long journey, filled with a lot of ups and downs. I’ve had setbacks and injuries but I’ve had so many victories too. I’ve ran countless miles pushing a jogging stroller, done hours and hours of workout DVDs and the best part isn’t that I’m smaller or wear a different size. My victory is in that I’ve found me. I’ve found a passion to help others. I’ve found a career. But more importantly I’ve found that taking care of me helps me take care of others better.

Why do I share all of this? 
Because I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.
Because I know how it feels to be unhappy but stuck at the same time.
Because I know the fear of failure and lack of belief in myself.
Because I know that if I can change my life, so can you.

Because I know I can help you too.

Start Over Today…

Confession: I have fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating. I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme and kept my momentum going for almost two weeks. Then I slowly started to slide down that slippery slope of little treats here and there. I truly think moderation is key to having a healthy lifestyle and having treats isn’t bad. But I haven’t been having anything in moderation. I’ve been indulging and I’m now feeling pretty unhappy with myself.

What I could say is, “I’ll just refocus on Monday and really get back on track” but why wait until Monday?
What I could say is, “I’ll just enjoy the weekend. I’ve already let go, I might as well enjoy myself.” but that’s just going to take me further from my goals.

What I can do is refocus today…on a Thursday. You don’t need a Monday to start over. If you’ve indulged on a meal you don’t have to ruin the rest of your day. You can always refocus and make the next meal on track with your goals.

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Work on YOU!!

RTC 153

The best project that you will ever work on is YOU!

A few years ago I would have read that and laughed. I thought my family was the best project I had and that they should get 100% of my attention. I thought that to be a “good” wife and mother I needed to be self sacrificing. I was giving my family every ounce of me and was left feeling empty inside.

After feeling empty for awhile I woke up one day and realized the only person who was going to take care of me was me! It was my responsibility to make sure I did things that fed my soul. I started to run and take time for me. Do you know what I realized? When I started taking time for myself and working on me, I became a better wife and mother.

Take care of you, do things that feed your soul and work on becoming the best you that you can be and I promise everyone around you will benefit!

It’s going to be hard….do it anyways!

This is one of those brutally honest posts that I recently shared with one of the accountability groups I run. Please read my words with love because that’s where they’re coming from. I think this is a message that everyone needs to hear.

Losing weight and being active is hard, being unhealthy and overweight is hard.
Choose your hard.

The road that you’re on towards health is hard and at times it seems like your goals are very far away. But you need to remember the road you’ve been traveling on before wasn’t easy either. Sometimes it’s easy to look at the path you used to be on and it doesn’t seem as hard as the new one you’re walking down. It’s familiar and comfortable, or it seems like that when you look back. It can start to draw you back to it and you can start taking backwards steps from your goal. You need to remember that while you were traveling on that path you weren’t happy and that road was hard too.

All of you are working towards a big goal for a reason.
You might be trying to lose weight.
You might be trying to gain back your health.
You might be trying to find yourself again.
You might be trying to feel confident and happy again.
You might be trying to run a distance you haven’t before.

All of those things are going to be hard and they’re going to make you feel like quitting at some point but you need to dig down deep and remember how you felt when you started. Remember your why and recommit to it. Sometimes that means that you have to visit that feeling daily.

Say to yourself, “This is hard but I’m doing it anyways. Somedays are going to suck but I’m doing it anyways. I want to give up but I’m doing it anyways.”

Out of your struggles will come strength, I promise!

RTC 112

My Story.

My biggest dream was always to be a wife and a mom… But when my dreams came true I realized I wanted more.

Do you ever feel this way? I’d love to share my story with you and how I’ve been able to overcome that feeling.

Please watch this video and then share it with someone who needs to hear this message and know they are not alone.


New Year * New You!

New Year

I can’t believe that the 2015 is right around the corner.  Where did the time go?  It seems like 2014 just flew by!

January is usually when everyone gets a gym membership and commits to changing their health and fitness.  Have you been to a gym in the beginning of January?  It’s PACKED!!  Have you been back in February?  It’s back to how it was in December.  Why does that happen?  Most people are expecting instant results and when they don’t happen they give up.  They don’t know what they should be doing each day and slowly they stop going.

Here’s what I’ve learned since running and participating in challenge groups:

1. 80 % of your results come from your nutrition 

You can do cardio all day, everyday but if you don’t change your eating you’re not going to change your body. You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

21 Day Fix Results 2

2. SUPPORT is the key to SUCCESS!! 

Having a community of support to check in daily with is what was the secret to my success.  At any given time I could make a post in the closed group regarding my daily struggles and someone would give me either a tip, suggestion, lift me up or love on me so that I didn’t quit.  I felt encouraged that I wasn’t alone and that others were going through the same thing as me.  There was always someone else who was feeling like me and being part of that group made all the difference for me. I was not alone!  We were all in this together.

3. I need a system

I am the type of person that needs a detailed schedule to follow, a meal plan to duplicate and proven results for me to believe!  I cannot just wing it.  I need a guide to get me through each step.  I want to know that if I do X,Y and Z I will get the results of those in the infomercial.  I love that every Beachbody Fitness Program comes with a nutrition guide to help me eat for the workout I am doing!  I love that Beachbody has the awesome food storage containers so that I am eating the right amount of food each day.  It truly takes the guesswork out of my nutrition. This is afterall the hardest thing to change and Beachbody does a killer job at tackling that with ease!

4. Shakeology 

Shakeology is not a protein shake or weight loss quick fix.  I will be honest, I was skeptical at first when I heard of all the amazing things that Shakeology does for a body.  But despite being skeptical I had to try it.  I started to feel a change in my body after two weeks.  I had more energy, less cravings and my digestion was improved.  The biggest change was my energy level.  Plus it was nutrition that I wasn’t getting before.  I felt healthier, my workouts were better and now it’s my daily multivitamin.


5. Accountability for me

As a coach, I am just as accountable to myself as I am to my challengers.  As a coach I stay on track because I know I am leading by example. I want to inspire the others that I’m working with and each day I do my best as an example to them.   I want those around me to say, “If she can do it, I can do it too!  I’m no different than her” Because it’s true, I’m no different than anyone else.  I struggle and have off days too but being in a challenge group keeps me accountable.


So here’s the scoop: I’m starting a new challenge group in January and I’d love to have you participate!

The requirements: 

You make me your coach by going to my site and clicking JOIN to make me your COACH!  (absolutely free!)

You contact me by filling out the application below to be considered for a spot in the group.

Together we decide what Beachbody fitness program is the right fit for you based on your goals and your current fitness level.

You are required to replace Shakeology with 1 meal each day for the very best results.  My goal is to teach you how to plan and prepare the other meals of the day so that you get the results you are looking for.  At the end of the challenge the choice is yours to continue with Shakeology or not!

You must check in daily to the Facebook accountability group.  Engage with others and share your struggles and successes.

Complete the application below to be considered for a spot in my January group! 

The 15 Minute Rule

People are often asking me for tips on how to stay motivated while trying to lose weight. Keeping the momentum going once real life kicks in is difficult.  Life can get in the way and it can be easy to give into your excuses.  Before your know it, your momentum is gone and you’re working out less and less and letting your excuses run the show.

My number 1 workout rule is this: You’re not going to want to workout every day but do it anyways. 

What does that mean?  That means that you’re going to have to do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.  You can’t feel your way into an action, you have to act your way into a feeling.  If you wait until you feel like doing your workout, you’re going to be waiting a long time.  The only way to get finished with a workout is to just start.  Don’t sit around waiting for some amazing feeling of inspiration to come over you, create that inspiration with your action.

RTC 139

Use the 15 minute rule:

On days that I can’t find any motivation to workout I always tell myself, “Do your workout for 15 minutes and if you still want to quit after 15 minutes you can quit” But 15 minutes is usually enough time for me to get in my groove and start to feel motivated.  It’s a simple mind trick because 15 minutes and a way out seems doable when I don’t want to do anything.  I’ve used that rule countless times and I’ve only quit after 15 minutes a few times.

RTC 25

Don’t let your excuses run your life.  You can push yourself through 15 minutes, no matter how you feel. 15 minutes might be all you need to find your motivation and to really feel like doing it.  You’re strong enough to get through 15 minutes, I promise!

Insanity Max:30 – Busy Mom Version 1.0

Insanity Max:30 Day 2 is in the books. Tabata Power was an INSANE workout and I absolutely loved it!  It challenged me in ways that I didn’t know were possible.  I was finished and dripping in sweat.  Hello, 5 minutes of different variations of tricep pushups and then 5 minutes of different ways of doing a tricep dip!!! WOW!!  My arms are going to be screaming at me tomorrow.

This is what working out at home with 3 kids under my feet looks like. My kids love to jump into a workout, especially if it’s a new one. Phoebe started in her bathrobe and changed into workout clothes by the time I was done. They stayed by my side for the entire 30 minute workout.

Don’t let kids be the excuse to not get in a workout. I’ve been working out with my kids under my feet for 3 years.  In the beginning there was a lot of interruptions but slowly they learned to either leave me alone or join in to the workout.  Sometimes I have to pause it and go break up a fight, kiss a boo boo or wipe a bottom (my three year old loves to use my workout times as his potty time) but I just start back up after the quick break.

Be the example to them and you’ll be surprised that they will probably cheer you on and might even join in with you!

It’s not too late to join  me in the challenge.  If you want to know more about Insanity Max:30 go here

Insanity Max_30