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My name is Ashley. I’m many things, but among them, I’m a wife, a mom to 3, a runner, a Seahawks fan, an animal lover, and a health and fitness coach. I love with my whole heart and I’m loyal friend.

I met my husband, Dallas, at the apartment we both lived in in 2001. We had a whirlwind romance and got married after 2.5 months of knowing one another. It was completely insane and shortly after getting married we left my home state and went on to live in 2 countries and 3 states. He has retired from the Air Force and we have settled back in my home state of Washington.

Together, we have three very amazing kids. The first is a son, Dallas James who is 9 and in 4th grade. He has a kind heart and is the most like me other than he is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He loves to read, is compassionate and is very hard on himself.

Phoebe Joy is our 7 year old daughter. She is a huge animal lover. I once asked her where she came from and she said, “Phoebe Town: A silly place” which sums her up completely. She’s a crazy, sweet and lovable girl.

After having our first two kids we thought we were done having kids. But my heart felt the pull to add one more to our family and we decided to try for another. Austin Jack is our crazy 4 year old son. He was the perfect addition to our family. He makes us all laugh and we all love to love him.

A few years ago, my life started to feel out of control. I was trying to be the perfect wife and the perfect mother. I was dedicating all of my time and energy to my family and none to my own well-being. I was getting burned out and resentful. The chaos was getting to be more than I could handle and I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue living life that way. I decided it was time to do something for myself as well. I started to run and workout and it wasn’t long before I was feeling an amazing difference in myself; how I felt, how I thought, even how I looked. I felt like I was doing something that was nourishing my body and my soul and I was hooked.

My life is no less chaotic now, sometimes more, but my coping skills are far better than I ever imagined they could be. Running and exercising helps me to deal with all the stress that comes with running a household full of chaos and I’ve realized that taking care of myself is an immensely important part of taking care of my family.

When my husband retired from the Air Force our life of stability ended and I needed to find a way to help support our family financially. I didn’t want to go back to work and put my kids in daycare. I was a Beachbody coach but I wasn’t taking advantage of the opportunity, just the discount on the products. I decided that this opportunity would be the answer to all of our problems.

I’m so thankful I decided to put my heart and soul into my business. I’ve been able to help over a hundred people with their health and fitness goals, help my coaches flourish and still stay at home with my kids. I’ve found my passion and I’m now earning a full time income and my family is still my number one priority.

I would love to have you join me, wherever you are in your journey. Whether you are looking to change your nutrition habits and start eating healthier, you want to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, or you want to learn how to make a full time income working from home, contact me! I would love to set up an appointment with you and figure out how to help you succeed!

ashleyjoy80@gmail.com or apply at www.jointeamchaos.com

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