Always dream BIG!!

With a BIG DREAM in my heart I carry on through each day. I smile through hard times, I find small blessings in the storms and I fuel my dreams on the haters who try to tell my dream isn’t worth my time.

Does it hurt to have someone tell you that your dream isn’t worth pursuing and that you’re wasting12072780_10208216941449399_1826589277426923016_n your time?


But it also makes me want to work that much harder to make my dreams a reality and prove them wrong!

Here’s the truth:
If you have a BIG DREAM someone in your life is going to try and bring you down. Your dream scares the haters and makes them want to bring you back to their level.

Carry on and fight for your dream! Use their unbelief in you as fuel to keep you going. Use their doubt as fuel to push forward.

Keep on dreaming and don’t let the small minded people bring you down!

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