Out of struggles…comes strength.

I haven’t been posting like I would like because I’ve been struggling emotionally. We all go through ups and downs. We all face struggles and hard times. But it’s in those difficult times that we find our strength. Sometimes it’s hard to see your strength when you’re struggling but I promise it’s there.
We moved to Washington almost a year ago and my husband retired from the Air Force. The last year of our life has been filled with so many struggles. Life outside the Air Force isn’t what I had hoped it would be and I’m struggling. Jobs aren’t easy to find, we aren’t living where I hoped we’d be and life is just completely different than what I had imagined.
It is easy for me to look back over all I’ve been through in the last year and only see the struggles. In fact, I was telling a friend that recently as I told her that nothing has changed for us in the last year. She boldly said, “But you’ve changed.” She was right, I have changed.

Through all of these struggles I have been strong, even when I haven’t felt strong. I’ve gotten through hard days that seemed impossible but I got through them anyways. This season of life isn’t easy but it’s devoloping me into the person I’m supposed to be.
Your struggles will reveal your strength too.

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