Success Takes Sacrifice

RTC 173

I heard this a few days ago and I’ve been processing it for days. It’s one of those quotes that really hit me in the gut with it’s truth.


If you want to change your life sometimes that means sacrificing a part of it to grow.

This quote can apply to so many areas of my life right now.

Health: I want to be healthy for my kids and often feel overwhelmed that I don’t have time to workout. Sacrifice: I have to give up some time with them to take care of me and I can’t feel guilty about it.

Finances: I want to continue to build our savings account but I also want to buy a lot of things. Sacrifice: Letting the things I want go and focus on only the things we need.

Business: I want to grow my business and lead our family into financial freedom. Sacrifice: My leisure time. It’s not going to grow if I’m not doing anything with it.

I’m learning that success takes work, success takes time and success takes some sacrifices. Sacrifices might seem hard but they’re small things that lead to success. A sacrifice can be a short term loss for a long term gain and you need to have a strong vision that that sacrifice is leading you to success.

What sacrifices have you made that have lead you to success?

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