Start Over Today…

Confession: I have fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating. I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme and kept my momentum going for almost two weeks. Then I slowly started to slide down that slippery slope of little treats here and there. I truly think moderation is key to having a healthy lifestyle and having treats isn’t bad. But I haven’t been having anything in moderation. I’ve been indulging and I’m now feeling pretty unhappy with myself.

What I could say is, “I’ll just refocus on Monday and really get back on track” but why wait until Monday?
What I could say is, “I’ll just enjoy the weekend. I’ve already let go, I might as well enjoy myself.” but that’s just going to take me further from my goals.

What I can do is refocus today…on a Thursday. You don’t need a Monday to start over. If you’ve indulged on a meal you don’t have to ruin the rest of your day. You can always refocus and make the next meal on track with your goals.

RTC 156

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