Food Matters: Jicama


Spotlight on…Jicama!

I just discovered jicama recently and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with it!

Jicama is a root vegetable and has the texture of a radish. It is very mild in flavor and is a little sweet.

Benefits of jicama:

  • Jicama is one of the very low calorie root vegetables.  Its high quality phyto-nutrition profile comprises of dietary fiber, and anti-oxidants, in addition to small proportions of minerals, and vitamins.
  • It is one of the finest sources of dietary fiber; particularly excellent source of oligofructose inulin, a soluble dietary fiber. The root pulp provides 4.9 mg or 13% of fiber. Inulin is a zero calorie sweet inert carbohydrate. It does not metabolize inside the human body, which make the root an ideal sweet snack for diabetics and dieters.
  • It is full of vitamin C; providing about 20.2 mg or 34%  of vitamin C per 100 g. Vitamin-C is a powerful water-soluble anti-oxidant that helps body scavenge harmful free radicals, thereby offers protection from cancers, inflammation and viral cough and cold.
  • Plus. the root provides healthy amounts of some important minerals like magnesium, copper, iron and manganese.

I like to add jicama to my salad for added crunch.  It would also be great with hummus.

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