21 Day Fix Extreme: Results


Wow!!  I can’t believe that my 21 days of extreme are over!  I won’t lie, this last week was by far the hardest of the two weeks.  The finish line seemed so close yet so far away.  When I did the original 21 Day Fix (see my results here) the last week was the easiest but with extreme I really struggled mentally and just wanted to be done.  But when I put my mind to something I don’t quit, no matter how much I want too.

Day 1 and Day 21 Comparison:

21 Day Fix Extreme Results


I really wanted to get to 119 lbs but I think this is the weight my body is destined to be at.  I’m .4lbs lower than when I did the original fix.

Day 1 vs Day 15:

Weight: 126 and 120.1

Chest: 34 and 32

Right Arm: 10.5 and 10.25

Left Arm: 10.5 and 10.25

Hips: 34.5 and 32.25

Right Thigh: 20 and 18.25

Left Thigh: 20 and 18.25

Waist: 28.5 and 26

Overall:  I’m down 5.9 lbs and 11.75 inches overall!

Workout Recaps:

Day 15 – Plyo Fix Extreme: I hated this workout the first week.  It made me sore for days and days.  The second week it wasn’t so bad and by the third week I actually liked it.  Each week I tried to up my weights on each of the workouts but with this one I stuck with 7.5 lbs.  Jumping with 10 lb weights was too hard for me.

Day 16 – Upper Fix Extreme:  I love working my upper body and I think this was my favorite workout of all the extreme workouts.  I used 15 lb weights this week and it was challenging.  I was very sore the next day but it’s worth it to see some change in my biceps.

Day 17 – Pilates Fix Extreme: I remember doing this workout in the first week and thinking it was Chinese torture with a resistance band.  But on this last week I really loved it.  I had been working hard on my core and I could really tell a difference in my core strength when I did this workout for the third time.

Day 18 – Lower Fix Extreme: I was having an awful day on this day and I remember dreading doing this workout.  I hate working my legs and I had nothing in my tank to push hard.  I gave this workout a crappy effort and felt bad when I was done.  I followed the countdown to competition plan all week and I think the carb depletion bit me in the booty that day.


Day 19 – Cardio Fix Extreme: I should have taken a video of this workout because its a lot of fun.  I love to get my heart rate up and do some awesome cardio moves.  This workout has you do two moves with weights that work upper and lower body and then a 30 second challenging cardio move.

Day 21 – Dirty 30 Extreme:  I didn’t like Dirty 30 in the original fix because it was hard but I started to love this workout by the end of my extreme journey.  All of these moves work your upper and lower body at the same time.  It gets my heart rate really climbing and challenges me.  I enjoyed this workout a lot.  It could of been because I knew I was so close to being done too.  That’s a great motivator.

How the meal plan went:

At my weight I was eating 3 green(veggies), 2 purple (fruit), 4 red (protein), 2 yellow (carbs), 1 blue (healthy fats), 1 orange (nuts/seeds or dressing) but when I was doing the Countdown to Competition I was eating 3 green, 6 red and 1 yellow.  I followed the Countdown to Competition plan most of week 3.  There was one fall back day to extreme on day 17 but I also did one on day 20 too.  The C2C plan was challenging in the last days.  I was getting really cranky from the carb depletion and I just knew for my own sanity that I had to listen to my body and take another day on the regular plan.


I was eating a lot of veggies and protein the last week.  I didn’t take many photos because my meals were very repetitive.


I had been eating a lot of spinach salads since starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I’m over them. I recently found this broccoli slaw at Trader Joe’s and I’m in love!

Here’s what I did:
–>I cooked up some chicken breast with some salt free spices.
–>While I cooked the chicken I added the broccoli slaw to a small skillet with a little bit of water and brought it to a boil. My goal was to make the slaw a little tender so it resembled a veggie pasta instead of a slaw.
–>I measured out the slaw, chicken and tomatoes added a little rice wine vinegar and Sriracha. 

It was refreshing, filling and delicious!

If you’re following the fix its: 1 red and 1.5 green.

IMG_0521I did discover an amazing new Shakeology recipe this week too! It really helped me with my sweet cravings during this last week.


Results and Review: 

Like I said at the beginning, I’m down 5.9 lbs and 11.75 inches.  I feel better than I have in a long time.  After I did the original 21 Day Fix in August 2014 I got lazy with  my nutrition.  I still exercised a lot but I started to eat things again that I know are bad for me.  I indulged more than a person needs too.  I always believe in living a life of moderation with treats occasionally but I was going overboard and it showed.  I gained back 5.5lbs of my original results from August to February.  I needed this program to refocus my energy towards health and away from the snack foods that I let control my life.  I needed to prove to myself again that I could get my eating under control and get results.

I’m 34 years old, I’ve had 3 kids and I’m in better shape today than I was before I had kids.  In fact, I’m in better shape than I was when I graduated high school. This program isn’t just about weight loss for me.  It’s about proving to myself that I can have the body of my dreams even after having 3 kids.  I’m working really hard to get abs that I never even had before I had kids.  My body feels fantastic and I’m very proud of the results I achieved.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576

What’s next for you? 

I can’t say enough about this amazing nutrition plan and the workouts of this program.  I’ve personally helped over 40 people use this nutrition plan and it delivers results.  If you follow it you will see inches and pounds disappear.  Is it easy, no.  Does it take work, yes.  But is it possible, absolutely.

Would you consider joining me in one of my 21 Day Fix accountability groups?  You could choose either the original 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme depending on your current fitness level.  I’d love to personally help you get the results you’ve been wanting.  I believe this product works and I believe that you have what it takes to see results too.

Watch these videos to see if this might be a good fit for you.

I’d love to help you get in the best shape of your life too!! If you’d like to join me and have me by your side as you do the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme, fill out the below application and I’ll be in touch!

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