Beachbody’s Military Discount Program


My husband served 23 years in the Air Force and recently retired.  I served along side him for 13.5 of those years and I know what it means to make sacrifices for your family.  The life of my military family was different from a civilian family in so many ways.  The hours a military member works can change often and they can be called away for long deployments.  The only constant in our lives is that there is nothing constant.  Military families soldier on with bravery.  It’s our only choice.

But there are also some great blessings that come from being a military family.  I got to live in two foreign countries and travel to countless others.  My kids have lived in 3 different states and are always up for an adventure. We have great medical care and we don’t have to pay for any of it. I get to shop on base at the commissary and get extra discounts from a lot of other stores too.  A discount doesn’t make up for missing a loved one but it helps us make the most of our military income.


One of the things I love about Beachbody is that they offer a discount for military coaches – and it’s not a little one that barely covers the tax. It’s 25% – which is $32.50 off your monthly Shakeology order! That’s a pretty big deal, especially in military families where money is normally tight.

Beachbody Supports Veterans and Military Personnel - Free Coaching and 25 percent off Products (2)


Here’s How it Works:

As an active duty military member or the spouse of an active duty military member or a military veteran, you can sign up as a Beachbody “coach” for FREE – your initial sign up fee is waived, as well as the monthly coaching fees. There are no sales requirements and no hidden fees – you can just buy what you want, when you want, for a 25% discount. How much is this worth? Well for a family ordering just one bag of Shakeology a month, you’ll save almost $400 a year.

Then, if you want to, and ONLY IF you want to, you can also build a pretty profitable business as a military coach.

I’ll be honest, that’s what I did – I signed up for the discount. I never intended to coach but really wanted to get my Shakeology at a discount. Then I started to share my love of Shakeology and the fitness programs with others that it just kind of happened.  I wasn’t trying to sell it, I was just telling my friends about something awesome! But then they wanted to buy it, and I was a coach, so why not help them out, right?


I’ve been a coach for over two years and the first 18 months I was a coach but did it as more of a hobby.  I recommended Shakeology and various fitness programs to friends but didn’t pursue a steady business. I did earn a 25% commission off of everything  I sold.  When my husband retired from the Air Force and our income was unstable I decided to really work my business as more than a hobby.   I still earned 25% on anything I sold PLUS I started earning a team cycle bonus for building a team underneath me.  The more I was helping others with their goals the more I was helping my own family financially.


That was 7 months ago and my income has doubled since then. Military spouses are retiring their husbands on the income they have made with the free coaching opportunity from Beachbody.


The military coaching opportunity has been a HUGE blessing for our family. I’m able to stay at home with my kids, work part time and build a business online that I can help support my family now that my husband is retired. I don’t have to do parties and spend evenings away from my family, in fact, I work primarily when my kids are sleeping. I don’t have to have an inventory of products either.  I have the flexibility to make this business work for me and I’m so thankful for the income it’s providing my family.

Would you like more details on Beachbody’s Military Coaching Opportunity? Send me a message, look me up on Facebook or join my team  Whether you are just looking for a discount or you are looking for a way to take control of your fitness and finances, I will be happy to help you get started.


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