It’s going to be hard….do it anyways!

This is one of those brutally honest posts that I recently shared with one of the accountability groups I run. Please read my words with love because that’s where they’re coming from. I think this is a message that everyone needs to hear.

Losing weight and being active is hard, being unhealthy and overweight is hard.
Choose your hard.

The road that you’re on towards health is hard and at times it seems like your goals are very far away. But you need to remember the road you’ve been traveling on before wasn’t easy either. Sometimes it’s easy to look at the path you used to be on and it doesn’t seem as hard as the new one you’re walking down. It’s familiar and comfortable, or it seems like that when you look back. It can start to draw you back to it and you can start taking backwards steps from your goal. You need to remember that while you were traveling on that path you weren’t happy and that road was hard too.

All of you are working towards a big goal for a reason.
You might be trying to lose weight.
You might be trying to gain back your health.
You might be trying to find yourself again.
You might be trying to feel confident and happy again.
You might be trying to run a distance you haven’t before.

All of those things are going to be hard and they’re going to make you feel like quitting at some point but you need to dig down deep and remember how you felt when you started. Remember your why and recommit to it. Sometimes that means that you have to visit that feeling daily.

Say to yourself, “This is hard but I’m doing it anyways. Somedays are going to suck but I’m doing it anyways. I want to give up but I’m doing it anyways.”

Out of your struggles will come strength, I promise!

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