Change your Attitude!

RTC 138

Having a positive attitude during setbacks and struggles doesn’t make problems go away but it does make it easier to cope with them. Your attitude will determine the direction you are going. If you change the way you look at something, it changes the way it looks and that can make all the difference.

I have personally been going through a lot of struggles and setbacks.  My car was recently broken into and my purse was stolen.  I could have easily let that small struggle take over my life and wallow in self pity.  But does that accomplish anything or make my problems go away? NO!  In fact, dealing with a struggle with a negative attitude just makes it even more difficult for myself and everyone around me.

Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses.  I have to constantly change my attitude because once I notice myself being negative everything around me feels impossible.  Sometimes I have to make an attitude adjustment all day long because life can be hard and complaining comes naturally to me.  But happiness and joy are choices we make, despite our current circumstances.   There is always joy in the journey, you just have to find it!

RTC 80

Sending love and strength to you today!! Be the reason someone smiles today and be that person that radiates positivity in everyone’s life

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