21 Day Fix Testimony


I’m so inspired on this Motivational Monday…I can’t wait to share photos of one of my 21 Day Fix challengers because she’s blowing my mind with her consistency and determination. She’s not quite ready to do her big reveal yet but I can share she’s seeing amazing results. She’s completed two rounds of the 21 Day Fix and has lost 20.1 lbs and 37 inches over her entire body. I can’t say enough about this program and how it can change lives. The nutrition plan is so easy to follow and combined with the amazing fitness program, it delivers results.

Best of all she has seen improvements on the inside of her body as well. Her blood pressure is lower, her confidence is higher and she’s focused on her goals. I’m so proud of the work she’s doing to change her life. She inspires me every single day with her positive attitude, her ability to move past setbacks and her strength and determination she has to reach her goals. She’s not thinking about what life will be like “if” she reaches her goals but she knows she’s going to get there. What a blessing it is that I get to be a part of such an amazing transformation. I absolutely love my job!

She sent me this photo recently of the clothes she’s getting rid of since being on the fix. She’s saying goodbye to her old ways and welcoming in a new chapter of her life.


21 Day Fix Testimony:

I’m in the 4th round of 21 day fix, and I have good results. The 21 day fix has been a blessing to me, I started out with high blood pressure within the first round the numbers were dropping. I have lost pounds and inches and gained a lot happiness within myself that I know something is finally working to help me lose weight , become healthy and become a better me. I have tried lots of diets from A to Z and even had gastric bypass and nothing worked. But I can say the 21 day fix is working for me and I could not be happier with it. It’s not easy but not all that hard either. Weight is something I have struggled with for many years and so I say this If I can do this anyone can do it. The workouts are great, they are 30 minutes every day. I’m not perfect at them but I still do what I can. I was scared to try the workouts at first, I have a back that hurts at times and was wondering how my back would do, but I have not had no problems with it except when I slept on it wrong and hurt it, it kept me from doing the workouts and I missed not doing them. I don’t think I have ever said I missed working out before. It’s amazing how in such a short time of being on 21 DAY FIX how it has changed my life for the better. My Coach Ashley is AWESOME and I owe her for taking the time to want to help me and see me though my weight loss journey. I have still a long journey ahead of me but I know I will have the 21 day fix and Ashley right there with me.

21 things I discovered during the 21 day fix.
1. I did not starve
2. The containers made more food than I thought they would
3. I do have the determination to lose weight and get healthy
4. Its not an easy 21 days, but very easy to follow
5. I can go out to eat while on this plan and still follow the guide lines, I did it twice during the 21 days, and ate what I was suppose to, I went to Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
6. I can go without soda, I was drinking around 3 a day
7. I don’t have to have a soda first thing in the morning to get my day going.
8. I can make time everyday for 30 mins of workouts
9. I can go to bed without having a chocolate snack or any snack
10. I can say no to food, don’t have to eat it because its there.
11. Ashley is a awesome coach and supporter.
12. Wheat type of food are not that bad
13. I can push myself more than I ever thought I could
14. The support in the group is awesome
15. I don’t have to let temptations take over.
16. Its okay to have a bad day.
17. I’m more aware of proportion sizes
18. The red and yellow cups are my favorite
19. Pepper is my friend
20. Salt is not my friend
21. I love my results after 21 days.


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