You’re not a tree.

It’s easy to sit in one spot and be miserable. Each day is the same as before and it almost feels like you’re rooted to the ground and stuck. But you’re not stuck! You’re not a tree and if you don’t like where you are…get up and MOVE!!

I recently felt stuck too. I spent most days rooted in my spot and I sat there and complained. I complained about everything and I was miserable. Plus I was making everyone around me miserable too. I didn’t want to feel miserable anymore and I wanted my family to have happiness and so I moved. I picked myself up and decided I was in charge of how I felt and I’m working on changing my attitude everyday. 

If you’re not where you want to be…I challenge you to move. It might seem impossible to do it but a change of scenery does the soul a lot of good. Change your expectations, change your perspective, change your attitude, change your life…you have the power to move.

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