You’re strong too!

Our life is still going through a lot of changes since we’ve transitioned out of the Air Force. It’s been so hard for me to cope with it all and at times I just want to scream out loud, “It’s too much, I can’t take anymore! I’ve had enough and I’m ready for my stability” I can kick and scream and be upset with how things are but it doesn’t change anything and it only makes me feel worse. I have a choice each and every day, I can choose to apply my faith when I feel scared or I can choose to let our current situations overwhelm me. Somedays making that choice is easy and sometimes I have to make that choice several times a day. But really, it’s a choice. Faith over fear. Repeat after me, faith over fear. 

If you’re struggling and life feels like it’s falling apart on you, remember you’re strong. You are living the life you’re meant to live and you’ve been given these struggles because you are strong enough to overcome them. Remember you’re not alone, you’re loved and cherished and you’re stronger than you ever thought you were. Keep going, one day at a time. faith over fear. I’m here, I understand and I know that life isn’t perfect but there are perfect moments even in the storms.


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