Fear will make you believe that you can’t do anything. Fear can paralyze you and keep you from doing what’s in your heart. Fear can trap you and keep you where you don’t belong. Fear can take over your life and stop you from living. Fear can keep you from starting the path to your dreams. Fear can rule your life if you let it.

FEAR IS A LIAR!!! Let me say it again, FEAR IS A LIAR!!

I’m overcoming my fears every single day because I know if I don’t try to overcome them I will be stuck where I am forever. I have big dreams and fear wants to scare me. Fear wants me to stay where I’m at but faith shows me that I can move and change. Each day I choose to overcome my fears with faith. Fear still tries to tell me lies but I speak back in faith. It’s scary to live big dreams and it takes a lot of faith. I’d rather live a life of faith than fear. 

Living a life filled with fear isn’t living. It’s time to tell fear to get out of your life too. It’s scary to live big dreams and go after things that seem impossible but it’s better to push towards them and have setbacks than sit on the sidelines in fear and do nothing.


2 thoughts on “FEAR IS A LIAR!!!

  1. Fear means : FACE EVERYTHING AND RALLY! (And I have more….)

    I have been tentative to do things…Grand canyon double, jump in to swim from Alcatraz to get to San Fran, century rides, etc. etc. but never fearful. If you are NERVOUS it’s a good thing as it can be channeled. Just change the meaning behind the four letters F.E.A.R.


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