Favorite Fall Snack!


I’m a busy mom and I have a confession: I got in a really bad habit of indulging in some sort of junk once my kids were in bed. It was usually Cheetos, Cheez Popcorn (yes, it’s cheese with a z) or something else equally bad. I usually wasn’t hungry but it was my reward for making it through the day.  I always felt I deserved something for making it through the chaos.

Something had to give because that’s just an awful habit to have. I’m not saying don’t indulge, because I believe in moderation. But I was indulging every day in crap that was awful for my body. I decided to make a change and now when I have a snack at night it’s always plain greek yogurt with some tasty thing stirred in.

This is my current favorite:
Plain Greek Yogurt
A teaspoon of pumpkin butter
Vanilla and almond granola

Mix together and enjoy!

What tasty treat do you like to enjoy at night?

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