You’re strong too!

Our life is still going through a lot of changes since we’ve transitioned out of the Air Force. It’s been so hard for me to cope with it all and at times I just want to scream out loud, “It’s too much, I can’t take anymore! I’ve had enough and I’m ready for my stability” I can kick and scream and be upset with how things are but it doesn’t change anything and it only makes me feel worse. I have a choice each and every day, I can choose to apply my faith when I feel scared or I can choose to let our current situations overwhelm me. Somedays making that choice is easy and sometimes I have to make that choice several times a day. But really, it’s a choice. Faith over fear. Repeat after me, faith over fear. 

If you’re struggling and life feels like it’s falling apart on you, remember you’re strong. You are living the life you’re meant to live and you’ve been given these struggles because you are strong enough to overcome them. Remember you’re not alone, you’re loved and cherished and you’re stronger than you ever thought you were. Keep going, one day at a time. faith over fear. I’m here, I understand and I know that life isn’t perfect but there are perfect moments even in the storms.


Put the scale away!


Are you a slave to your scale? Do you put all your value in a number and when it goes up it crushes you?

I’m here to tell you that measuring your success on weight alone will leave you defeated. Celebrate the non-scale victories along the way!

I challenge you today to put your scale away and focus on all the other things that happen when you’re working on your fitness journey that often go unnoticed if you’re only watching the scale. Celebrate the moments when your clothes fit better, or when you have more energy to play with your kids, or when you say no to temptation and yes to healthy meals.   There are a lot of things that are worthy of celebrating that have nothing to do with a scale.

Celebrate all of your success because there is more to life than a number on a scale!

What has been your biggest non-scale victory in the last 6 months?



Fear will make you believe that you can’t do anything. Fear can paralyze you and keep you from doing what’s in your heart. Fear can trap you and keep you where you don’t belong. Fear can take over your life and stop you from living. Fear can keep you from starting the path to your dreams. Fear can rule your life if you let it.

FEAR IS A LIAR!!! Let me say it again, FEAR IS A LIAR!!

I’m overcoming my fears every single day because I know if I don’t try to overcome them I will be stuck where I am forever. I have big dreams and fear wants to scare me. Fear wants me to stay where I’m at but faith shows me that I can move and change. Each day I choose to overcome my fears with faith. Fear still tries to tell me lies but I speak back in faith. It’s scary to live big dreams and it takes a lot of faith. I’d rather live a life of faith than fear. 

Living a life filled with fear isn’t living. It’s time to tell fear to get out of your life too. It’s scary to live big dreams and go after things that seem impossible but it’s better to push towards them and have setbacks than sit on the sidelines in fear and do nothing.


The importance of rest.


I’m the type of person that is either all in or all out when it comes to exercise.  When I’m all in, look out because I am unstoppable  but sometimes my unstoppable ways lead me to make unwise choices.   I am guilty of overtraining, skipping rest days and pushing myself too hard.  It’s taken a lot of setback but life has showed me the error of my ways and I’m learning to rest.  I’m still a work in progress and I have a lot still to learn but this is what I’ve learned so far:

My body needs at least one rest day a week and it took me a lot of injuries to actually figure this out.  This is now non-negotiable in my training and you should make sure you’re fitting in at least one rest day too. Your body needs at least one day so that the muscles of your body can repair, strengthen and rebuild.  The harder you push your body during the workouts the more important this rest day becomes.  Your body needs time to replenish your energy stores and recharge.  If your body isn’t getting a chance to rest and repair itself you’ll increase your chances of an injury.

I used to feel guilty when I took a rest day because I thought I would lose my motivation and have a hard time starting again.  But what actually happens is I lose my motivation when I push myself too hard and don’t rest.  I get burnt out and lose all my desire to workout when I push myself too hard.  It actually pushes me to that other side of me, the all out of exercise side. Getting burnt out is the easiest way for me to derail any progress I’m making.  Taking a rest day prevents that burnout and helps recharge me mentally for all my workouts.

If you’re feeling sick than it might be time to rest too.  I think you can exercise through some sickness and a general rule of thumb is if you have a fever or any symptoms below the neck (like hacking cough, chest congestion or an upset stomach) you need to rest.  Exercise puts strain on your body and if you’re fighting off an illness its just going to take you longer to recover from it.  If you feel like you need to exercise just try and do something easier like walking.

It’s also important to listen to your body and take rest days if you’re feeling pain.  Exercise will make you sore but that is different from pain. Pain is a small sign that your body gives you that you might be overdoing it.  Pain is the whisper that often gets ignored.  Pain can be a sign of an injury and it shouldn’t be ignored.  Take it from me, I’ve ignored pain and ran through it and it just ended up hurting me more in the long run.

Learning to rest  has been one of the hardest lesson for me to learn and if I’m honest, I’m no where near mastering it.  I’m better than I once was but I still tend to ignore signs my body gives me and push through more than I should but I’m trying to get better.  I still struggle with that guilt if I take an extra day or two of rest but I’m a few years ago I wouldn’t have rested at all.  While it’s not perfect, it’s still progress for me.

Favorite Fall Snack!


I’m a busy mom and I have a confession: I got in a really bad habit of indulging in some sort of junk once my kids were in bed. It was usually Cheetos, Cheez Popcorn (yes, it’s cheese with a z) or something else equally bad. I usually wasn’t hungry but it was my reward for making it through the day.  I always felt I deserved something for making it through the chaos.

Something had to give because that’s just an awful habit to have. I’m not saying don’t indulge, because I believe in moderation. But I was indulging every day in crap that was awful for my body. I decided to make a change and now when I have a snack at night it’s always plain greek yogurt with some tasty thing stirred in.

This is my current favorite:
Plain Greek Yogurt
A teaspoon of pumpkin butter
Vanilla and almond granola

Mix together and enjoy!

What tasty treat do you like to enjoy at night?

October…it’s here!!!


October, you’re finally here and I’m so thankful. This is the first year my kids will have a real fall. After 5 years in AZ (where fall is skipped) and 4 years in TX (where fall is soooo mild) they’ll actually get to experience all the amazing things this season brings.

I’m so excited to run through the trails, with the leaves changing. I can’t wait to hear my feet crunch along the leaves and just experience nature on my runs. I’m excited to run in the rain and the crisp air.  I’m excited to just lose myself in the moment and experience all that is amazing about Washington in the fall.

Fall is the kickoff to my favorite time of year. I’m so excited for all the things I get to experience with my family this year too. Leaves changing, chilly weather, lots of rain, football (Go Seahawks!!), pumpkin patches, Halloween and cuddling under blankets. I’m even traveling to Tennessee in two weeks and I hear the fall is beautiful there! I’m so excited for this new change and this new season.

What is your favorite season?