5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

5 Day FREE Challenge

What is the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge?

The 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge is small glimpse into clean eating.   I’ll provide the participants with a grocery list, recipes each day and accountability as they go through the program.  You’ll be in a private Facebook group where I’ll post daily and keep everyone motivated as they follow the plan.

How can it help me? 

The challenge can help people see what healthy eating looks like.  It can provide a kickstart to weight loss and get people back on track.   Most people lose 2-6lbs during the 5 days if they follow the program and don’t stray from the menu but results vary and I can’t guarantee anything.

When does it start?

The clean eating starts on Monday 9/22 but I’ll get the group going a day before to provide the grocery list and answer questions.

How can I join?

There are only two requirements to join the group, one we have to be friends on Facebook, you can find me here: https://www.facebook.com/ashley.j.mcclanahan  The second one is that you have to fill out the form below to see if you’re a good fit for the challenge.  Since I am providing this challenge for free I want to work with willing candidates that are dedicated to success.  I want to make sure I’m not waisting my time or yours.

Fill this out to join:

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