Seahawks 5k Recap


I’ve been a runner since 2009 and have run races in Arizona, Texas and California.  I recently moved back to my home state of Washington and I’m so excited to take part in all the running events in the local area.  For my very first race we ran the Seahawks Kickoff Run 5k.  This is a HUGE deal to me because I absolutely love to run and I am a HUGE Seahawks fan.  What could be better than combining the two into a great day?

I actually registered for this race months ago while we were still living in Arizona.  It cost me a small fortune to register my family of 5 but I knew then that it was going to be an experience of a lifetime.

IMG_7901 IMG_7902

There is nothing more awesome than the starting line of the race.  This race was filled with even more energy because of the amazing Seahawks fans.  The 12th man is alive and loud when they’re together!  We stood in the race line and danced, chanted SEA – HAWKS!!  It was a great time!  Dallas loves the crowd and he was anxious to get on the road and race!  He’s got one mission on race day and that’s to run, as fast as he can!  He’s got a true runners heart!


Yes, that’s me taking a selfie when I run.  That’s one of my favorite things to do during races too!  My awesome hubby not only supported me in this race but he also pushed our younger two in our BoB Dualie.  He’s not a huge football fan but being from Texas his loyalties are usually with the Cowboys.  But I think the 12th man and the Seahawks are slowly wearing off on him!  He’s now said, he’d cheer for the Seahawks anytime as long as they’re not playing the Cowboys.  That’s a win in my book!



Dallas absolutely BLEW me away during this race!  He hasn’t been doing any running this summer and he went out and tackled this race like a BEAST!  He always takes off like an animal at the start.  I always wear my Garmin so I can pace him and reign him back a little bit.  He absolutely hates when I yell out to him, “SLOW DOWN DALLAS!” but I know he can’t keep a fast pace for the entire race.  I think he could for a mile but for 3.1 miles he needs to pace a little better. When we ran into the stadium, through the tunnel and on to the field it was magical.  He was so excited to be near the finish line and also in the stadium.  He took off and finished strong.  His official race time was 32:18, his age group was 7-12 and he finished 23rd out of 87.  I think those are amazing results because he was younger than most of his competition and he still KILLED IT!


After we finished the 5k it was time for the two littles to run their race.  My daughter, Phoebe, has already ran a 5k before but they had a strict age limit in this race so she ran the kids run with her little brother.  She wasn’t too happy about it while we raced but once she crossed the start line she was ready to go for her race too.


IMG_7924I’ve run a decent amount of races of all sorts of distances.  I think my favorite races are the ones that we do as a family.  It’s not about me and my pace but it’s about helping my kids realize that running is fun and rewarding.  Seeing them cross the finish line fills my heart with pride and seeing them feel proud of themselves is amazing.  They were their medals with pride because they’ve earned them.  If you haven’t been running races with your kids I encourage you to sign up for something and get your kids doing it too.

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