21 Day Fix: Week 1


Exercise has never been a problem for me.  I love to get my body moving and get sweaty.  I’ve always had the philosophy that if I was exercising I could eat what I want, in moderation.  This has been my lifestyle for a few years.  Most of the stuff I eat is healthy but I’ll be the first to tell you that I love Cheetos, Cheez Popcorn by JollyTime, Sam Adams Boston Lager, cake and Starbucks.  I indulge in those things when I feel like I’ve earned them, after a hard workout.

Well this summer had us relocating to a new state. We lived in transition for about 7 weeks and during that time I tried to keep my workouts going but I wasn’t consistent.  I stopped completely for 3 weeks but my eating was still like it’s always been.   We were eating out a lot and I could tell I was putting on a few pounds.  I try not to be a slave to a scale because it’s not healthy for me but I knew that I was slipping into an area I don’t like to be.

I decided it was time to get my eating/fitness back on track so I jumped into the 21 Day Fix plan.  I’ve done countless Beachbody programs but I’ve never been consistent with one.  I usually do whatever one I want on that day, making sure I’m working out for 6 days a week and getting in 3 days of running.  I’ve never followed a meal plan either.  I had ordered the 21 Day Fix to have another workout program in my arsenal.  I didn’t have intentions to follow the meal plan completely either. It came with those nice little containers that I didn’t even open.

I ripped open those containers this last Monday and didn’t look back.

Day 1:  I weighed myself, took photos and measurements before I got started on my workouts.  This is always hard to do but it’s something I preach to my clients all the time.  No one likes to take these photos, even me, but I know how vital they are to the finish.  I knew I wasn’t going to look like this on day 21 and I let that fuel me through them. On the calendar was Total Body Cardio Fix and it did not disappoint.  It felt great getting my body moving again.  I kept my food simple on the first day and made sure I ate all of my containers.

Day2: I was a little hungry after day 2 but got my workout in first thing in the morning.  It was Upper Fix and I love working on my upper body.  I started mixing lemon and mint in my water and was able to get all my water in.  Drinking water is something I’ve always struggled with but having a little something extra in it helps.

Day3: I was feeling in my groove by Wednesday.  I did Lower Fix and it killed my legs.  It was a great workout with weights and lots of squats and lunges.

Day4: OMG!  My legs were dying from the Lower Fix workout the day before.   I was so sore that I had to brace myself as I sat down on things. I’m a crazy person that loves feeling my body get sore.  I just know the muscles are working and changing.  I did Pilates Fix and really enjoyed it.  It was my first pilates workout and it was a nice change after having weights for two days.

Day 5: I’ve had to restock my fridge a couple times as the week has gone on.  I skipped my Cardio Fix workout and did a 4.6 mile run instead.  It was very challenging because my legs were still so sore.  I didn’t want to push myself and try and do the cardio workout on top of the run.

Day 6: I got my Dirty 30 workout done first thing in the morning. It was another challenging workout but my legs were feeling better.  This day was probably my most challenging day because we had a BBQ to go to and I knew I wanted to stay strong with my meal plan. I made sure to eat before we left and didn’t let my desires win over the results I want to get.  I will say that the brownies were really hard to pass up but I succeeded.

Day 7: I decided to weigh myself this morning and was pleasantly surprised that I’ve lost about 4 lbs.  My scale is old and isn’t completely accurate but I’ll take it.


You’re probably wondering what I’ve been eating the last week.  I’ve kept my meals very simple and easy to prepare.  I’ve used the containers as my guide with every meal to make sure my portion size is spot on.

Below is a sample of a complete day on the 21 Day Fix:

Breakfast: Shakeology with a serving of fruit (one red and one purple container)

Lunch: Turkey Wrap, with veggies (one red, one green and one yellow container)

Snack:  Veggies and Hummus (one green and one blue container)

Dinner: Chicken with sautéed veggies and quinoa (one red, one green and one yellow container)

Snack: Fruit and Eggs (one purple and one red container)


Overall this last week has shown me a lot about myself.  First, I’m really determined when I set my mind to something.  I’ve been tempted to snack on stuff but my will power always wins over.  I want to succeed on these 21 days with no regrets.  Second, I wasn’t coming anywhere close to eating enough protein before I started.  I’m eating 4 servings of protein now and the first few days it was the hardest container for me to fit in.  Lastly, I’m a carb junkie.  I always knew this but being limited to just two small containers (and they are very small) a day of carbs has been hard.  I love bread, pasta and white rice a lot.  But I’m learning to make smarter choices.

If you think that this program would be a great fit for you, I’d love to coach you through it.  Just fill out the application below and I will be in touch.  I have challenge groups starting all the time and I’d love to help you get the results you’re looking for.

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