Let it Gooooo!!!

Frozen came out ages and ages ago, right? You might not know it but I love to sing along to the soundtrack.  I use it when I’m running and imagine myself in the movie (seriously, please don’t judge me!)  I’ve seen the movie countless times too.  I think I might like it more than my kids.  It’s a really awesome movie but it’s also changed my life in a way……you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but stay with me.

Life always brings lots of ups and downs. I have a tendency to stress the small stuff. When I’m faced with a setback or difficult journey I usually only see the negative in it. I carry things around that bother me long after I should. Little things make me anxious and sometimes I can be a big ball of crazy. But now when I’m faced with stuff that sucks I try to remind myself to be like Elsa and “Let it Go”

You’re probably thinking I’m nuts here because “Let it Go” isn’t some new thing that’s just came around. People have been saying “Let it Go” for years. But Disney was brilliant by pairing that phrase with an awesome song, a great movie, a princess in a beautiful gown and now I can just imagine myself on the mountain top letting all my problems go. Yup, I’m 33 years old and relating myself to a Disney Princess, but trust me on this…it works!

You can’t really take yourself seriously when you’re imagining yourself as Elsa…the problems just don’t seem as bad. It works even better when you’re singing along to the song but if that’s going to far just try to remember the wisdom in all of it.

“Let it Gooooooo! Let it Gooooooo! Can’t hold it back any more!!”


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