You are the example!

I am not perfect, my body isn’t perfect but right now it’s perfect for me.  I know that I am one of many women my daughter will compare herself to.  I want to be a mirror of health, positivity and love.  Love for myself, despite what society might not deem perfect.

I want my daughter to learn to love herself, despite what she looks like.  I want her to appreciate her body, not for what it looks like but for how strong it is and what it can do for her.  I want her to learn to be healthy and fit and not be obsessed with a number on a scale.  I want her to be the best girl she can be and be loved for all that she and not what she looks like.


For her to learn that I have to be the example.  I cannot talk bad about myself and put myself down in front of her.  I can’t be disgusted by my mom pooch.  I can’t mutter things under my breath about how awful I feel about my body.  To her, I’m beautiful and if I start to change her outlook of me it will change the outlook she has for herself.

Moms, I encourage you to do all that you can to love yourself as you are today.  Your body has done amazing things, you’ve created life and carried it within you.  Be proud of yourself and the body you have.  If you’re not happy with yourself I encourage you to change and make healthy habits.  Include your children and let them see you take care of yourself so they know what it’s like. But please stop putting yourself down in front of your children.  They can hear you.

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