Excuses…we all have them but they all suck!

Excuses are like stinky workout clothes; we all have them and they all stink!

I’ll admit there are days when I don’t feel like working out and my excuses start to creep in.  My brain starts to believe them and it takes all of my strength to overcome them and press on.  But I do everything I can to fight through them and so can you!

We all have excuses and they all suck.  Here’s a list of some the excuses I’ve heard and sometimes think myself about working out.  I will do my best to make these excuses completely invalid.

1. I don’t have time to workout.

I think this is the excuse I hear the most from people who aren’t working out.  I don’t have time to workout either, I make time to workout.  This excuse is probably the worst excuse to use and I cringe when I hear it.  Everyone is busy and no one has time to workout.  You have to make the time in your schedule.  The time is there, you’re just spending it doing something else.  If you have time to watch a 30 minute tv show, or browse Pinterest or Facebook, then you have time to workout.  If you say you don’t have time what you’re really saying is that it’s not a priority to you and that’s okay.  Just don’t say you don’t have time.


2. I don’t know where to start.

You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start.  If today you’re sitting on the couch and your goal is to get healthy; get off the couch and get moving.  You don’t have to be perfect, an expert or do fancy exercise to start.  You just have to move.  Find something that you find fun and get moving.  If you need some easy and quick ideas; walk, dance, do an at home DVD, go for a bike ride, run…do anything that gets you moving.  I promise you’re going to feel great once you get going.  If you stumble and make some mistakes, it’s okay.  You’re just getting started and the fact that you’re doing anything is better than doing nothing.


3.  I’m not seeing results.

I think this an excuse that traps a lot of us.  I’ve gotten sucked into this excuse before too.  You get started and then you don’t see immediate results you’d expected so you just want to quit.  I think one big mistake is that we all expect everything right away and forget that getting healthy takes time.  It’s a journey and not a destination.  You don’t get to your goal and quit, you keep going.  Another reason people think they’re not getting results is because they’re putting too much value in the number on the scale.  Results can mean so much more than weight loss.  If you’re doing something you once didn’t; that’s results.  If you’ve changed some bad habits to adapt some new healthy ones; that’s results.  If your clothes are fitting better; that’s results.  If you’re feeling better on the inside; that’s results.  If you’re inspiring your family and friends; that’s results.  The change happens on the inside first and that’s the most important change to make.  Stick with it and I promise you’re going to see lots of results.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. Because quitting doesn’t produce any results


4. My kids are always with me and get in the way.

This was my biggest excuse for a long time.  My kids are always with me and it wasn’t going to change.  I had to work with what I had and make it work for me.  I run with kids in a jogging stroller.  I do workout DVDs at home with kids at my feet.  Sometimes I have to stop and parent the kids while I’m in the middle of a workout and it’s not fun but I keep going.  When I first started doing the workouts with the kids  around they were always right next to me and it was a little annoying.  But as time has gone on and I’ve stayed consistent, they’re not interested anymore and they play next to me.  I think doing my workouts with them around is important for so many reasons.  It shows them what a healthy lifestyle looks like, it shows them that it’s okay for mom to do something for herself and it helps them learn to play independently.  If your kids are around when you workout, don’t let it stop you.  Keep at it and eventually they’ll learn to give you some space.  They might be climbing on you when you’re doing sit-ups today but a couple weeks from now they’ll be bored of you doing it and they’ll leave you alone.


5. I’m too tired.

Did you know that working out actually gives you more energy than sitting on the couch?  Exercise helps to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing, which actually produces more energy that can last a few hours after you’re done.  Exercise also helps you sleep better which will make you feel more rested and less tired.  You might be tired at the start of the workout but by the end of it you’ll be feeling a lot better.


6. I’m not in the mood.

This happens to me a lot and if I let it this excuse will derail my progress.  I’m not always in the mood to workout. I have days where the last thing I want to do is my workout.  But if I waited until I was in the mood to do it, it might not ever happen.  When that happens I have a few things I say to get myself going.  I usually tell myself that if I start my workout and still want to quit in 15 minutes then I can quit.  Usually 15 minutes is enough time to get in my groove and I don’t want to quit.  Another thing I do is text a friend who is mindful of my goals and she usually can help me remember why I started and push me to get going.  The trick you use might be different than me.  But find something that works for you because these days will come and you need to be prepared for it.  Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.  You only regret the workout you didn’t do, right?


7. I’ve tried before but failed.

We’ve all started something and failed.  If we never gave things a chance we’d never accomplish anything. Don’t let a prior failure derail your progress for the rest of your life.  Perhaps you need to try a different type of exercise this time.  Experiment and find what is fun for you.  I’m a huge believer in doing what you love and making that work for you and your health.  If you don’t love to run but tried before and failed, no wonder you failed.  But if you love to dance, why not try Zumba.  Find the thing that you love and I bet you won’t fail.


8. I hate doing it alone.

This excuse has a lot of different solutions. If you hate to workout alone find a workout buddy.   Reach out to people you know because there is probably someone else who doesn’t like to do it alone either.  Having someone to help you be accountable  makes you push harder and less likely to quit.  You can always join a gym and take classes.  You can join one of my online accountability groups.  You can join a Stroller Strides class.  A running group.  There are people everywhere working out, just jump in and join them.  You won’t be alone long.


9.  I’m too old.

No one is too old to exercise. Exercise isn’t something for only the young.  Exercise is good for your health for your entire life.  It helps keep you feeling young. Exercise can help keep your bones strong and help you avoid muscle loss. It helps with blood flow to the brain and it helps with blood pressure too. Exercise is really the best medicine for your body at any age.


10. It’s so boring.

If you’re bored when you’re working out than chances are you haven’t found your soulmate workout yet.  A soulmate workout is different for every person but once you find it you’ll know.  It’s that workout that you love to do, no matter how you’re feeling.  It always makes you feel good and it’s fun.  If you’ve been lifting weights and it bores you, try something different.  If running is the last thing you want to do because you’re bored, don’t run.  Keep trying new things and you will find something that doesn’t bore you.

I’d love to hear how you become stronger than your excuses too.  We all have different ways to battle through what we don’t want to do.  These are just my thoughts on the excuses I hear.  Just remember to get out and try something.  Get your body moving in anyway you can.  I’m here to support and encourage you on your journey.


I have a secret to getting fit and healthy….you have to START!


You’re probably thinking that’s obvious but it’s true, all you have to do is START! I know getting started is hard.  Taking the first step towards health can seem daunting.  But I promise, the first step always looks harder than it actually is.  Let me say it again,  the first step ALWAYS looks harder than it actually is.

Before I got pregnant with my 3rd child I was living an active lifestyle.  I was running all the time and loving life.  I had ran in several half marathons and felt so proud of the person I had become. I got pregnant and struggled through awful morning sickness and didn’t workout during my entire pregnancy.  Then I gave birth to my son and had amazing plans to get right back to where I left off.  But I got scared and I let a million excuses talk me out of it.  The first step looked too hard.  Instead of going for it I sat back and did nothing because I was afraid.  I let my fear ruin the thing that I once loved.

Right before my son turned one and I was so miserable with how I felt about myself physically and mentally, I started.  After my first few workouts the first thing I realized was that I should have started sooner.  The workouts where hard and very challenging but I felt a small fire being to burn inside of myself again.  I looked back and realized that starting wasn’t as hard as I had convinced myself it was.


You might be thinking, yeah I can start but I have a really long way to go.  It seems too hard and my goals seem out of reach, why bother?  Don’t believe that lie.  A small step in the right direction is better than taking no steps at all.  Your goal might seem out of reach but you’ll get there one step at a time.  There is no secret path that will take you to your goal faster.  But with small steps you will get there.

I challenge you to write down some goals for yourself.  Write down a big goal; where you’d like to be in a year.  Once you have that, make up some monthly and weekly goals that will help you get there.  If you only have one big goal it seems out of reach.  But if your weekly goal is to walk 3 times…you can do that.  That will help get you to your big goal.  Setting small goals along the way to your big goal is a great way to build confidence in yourself.  If you’re up for an even bigger challenge I encourage you to share your goals with someone you trust.  Tell someone what you’re trying to do so they can help keep you accountable.

“You don’t need to go back in time to be awesome; you just have to start right now.  Regretting that you didn’t start earlier is a great distraction from moving on your dream today, and the reality is that today is earlier than tomorrow” Jon Acuff

If you have questions about starting, I’d love to encourage you and help you on your journey.  Everything you need to get started is inside of you right now.  I have faith in your ability to start.  What are you waiting for?

You are the example!

I am not perfect, my body isn’t perfect but right now it’s perfect for me.  I know that I am one of many women my daughter will compare herself to.  I want to be a mirror of health, positivity and love.  Love for myself, despite what society might not deem perfect.

I want my daughter to learn to love herself, despite what she looks like.  I want her to appreciate her body, not for what it looks like but for how strong it is and what it can do for her.  I want her to learn to be healthy and fit and not be obsessed with a number on a scale.  I want her to be the best girl she can be and be loved for all that she and not what she looks like.


For her to learn that I have to be the example.  I cannot talk bad about myself and put myself down in front of her.  I can’t be disgusted by my mom pooch.  I can’t mutter things under my breath about how awful I feel about my body.  To her, I’m beautiful and if I start to change her outlook of me it will change the outlook she has for herself.

Moms, I encourage you to do all that you can to love yourself as you are today.  Your body has done amazing things, you’ve created life and carried it within you.  Be proud of yourself and the body you have.  If you’re not happy with yourself I encourage you to change and make healthy habits.  Include your children and let them see you take care of yourself so they know what it’s like. But please stop putting yourself down in front of your children.  They can hear you.